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US students visit Adamas University

Students from different universities in USA like University of Georgia, University of Nebraska – Omaha, University of Nebraska – Lincoln and University of Denver visited Adamas University several times in July, 2018. Their mission was to meet students and professors, to know about the education system in India and also the life of students and challenges. During each visit US students interacted with students and faculty members of different Schools and management personnel of Adamas University.  US students left Adamas University but Adamas University will remain in their hearts and minds forever. Here are few reactions from the US students.

“Great infrastructure and environment for learning, but more important, the faculty and students are great. The energy and hospitality is amazing here.”

  • Trey McMutry, Sports Management, University of Georgia.

“This campus is beautiful and the people here are very welcoming. Thank you for the chance to meet new people and new things.”

  • Carly Isder, Chemistry, University of Nebraska - Omaha.

“I am so thankful for this incredible opportunity to meet students and faculty from such a wonderful college. I have learned so much from being here. Thank you for your great hospitality.”

  • Faith Combs, Interior Design, University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

“This was an awesome opportunity to meet students and to learn about life in India. Thank you so much for making this possible and for your hospitality.”

  • Jordan O’Rear, Business, University of Denver.

Sapienza University of Rome, Italy meets three students of Adamas University

Students of Adamas University have set for short term study tour to Sapienza University, which is planned from 2nd till 9th December, 2017. They are
 1. Ms. Agnimita Dam, MA, Sociology, 1st Year
 2. Ms. Kheali Sarker, BBA, 2nd year.
 3. Mr. Md Ashraf Ul Habib, BA, Political Science, 2nd year.

Students were received by representatives of Sapienza University at the Rome airport and were escorted to their hotel in the city, close to the university. Students visited the main campus of the university and attended classes according to their respective degree course and area of interest. A guided tour of the campus (Faculties, museums and other places of interest) were organized by Sapienza Welcome Service ‘Hello’. Students got support from professors, personnel from the administrative staff and fellow students during their study and stay in Rome.

Mr. Md Ashraf Ul Habib, BA, Political Science, 2nd year student writes about his experience at Sapienza University.

Adamas University is a place where one sows their dreams for a bright future and where one gets the knowledge, skills, opportunities, and exposure to realize those dreams. Adamas University offers a perfect blend of diversity and excellence that is very important to an international student like me who comes from Bangladesh looking for an international exposure and good quality of education. It is true that I had paid fees for my education here, but I feel I have received so much more from this University.

Recently, once I received information that the University is organizing a study tour to Sapienza University in Italy, I enrolled for the programme and was fortunate to get the chance. I was so excited, and my preparations started on 16th November’ 2017. Each day we took step by step preparations as per guidelines provided by the University, we got our visa and finally the time arrived for us to board our plane to Rome, Italy. It was like a dream come true to visit this historic city. We were little afraid but at the same time very excited and whatever little doubts and anxiety were there, it was taken away by the University’s international collaboration team. They answered all our questions and provided us with all the required information.

We reached Rome late night on the 2nd of December’ 2017 and were met at the Airport with warm welcome from Sapienza University’s team who took us to our hotel. They provided us with our schedule and academic curriculum for the next few days. Over the next few days we took several classes and met lecturers. Sapienza University has huge campus and we had to take trams to go from one class to the other. The experience was extremely rewarding, and the international exposure gave me new perspectives for my political science course. We were there in Rome till the 9th of December and we made use of every minute. We had a very busy schedule, but we also made sure to visit many historical places like the colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Roman Forum, and a lot more. We also shopped a lot. We were in constant touch with Adamas University and they made sure that we are safe and getting the best out of our visit. I, along with the friends gorged ourselves in Italian food which was mouthwateringly delicious to say the least.

I think I speak for all us who went to this study tour that it was an experience of a life time that we cherish deeply. I would recommend my fellow and future students to go for these study tours so that they can benefit from the exposure both academically and culturally.

I am immensely thankful to Adamas University for this wonderful experience and opportunity and wish them all the very best.


Two students from School of Science and School of Engineering & Technology, Adamas University, Mr. Tathagata Kayal and Mr. Risov Pal got the opportunity to visit University of Genoa in Italy from 24th April till 1st May 2017 by the invitation of the later. They have returned to Adamas University with great joy and good reports. Their dreams have been fulfilled by this trip. Their parents are happy for this trip. Here are few words of Mr. Risov Pal about his visit.

"First of all I want to thank everyone who made my trip to Italy, University of Genoa possible. It was a wonderful experience for me to fly to Italy and to get acquainted with their system of education and life styles. I had learned so many things about their culture and education that I ever expected to do so. People of Genoa are the loveliest of the ones I have ever met till now. Overall my impression on this trip has been outstanding. We have seen a mixture of technological development as well as the cultural heritage in the city of Genoa and in the university. We also learned about their system of education. I personally think that that their education system is very advanced.

About their hospitality, Italian people are the best people we have met so far. That is one of the reasons why this trip is going to be memorable for us, else who would forget their own work to help us reach our destination even after not understanding fully the language we speak? The head of the department reached to us himself when we were in trouble and the professors took us by their own cars sometimes. Even they gave us ride back to the apartment. We were honoured to meet such people''. Mr. Tathagata Kayal expresses his impression about his visit to the University of Genoa this way.

" I did classes there, attended seminars and lectures. The Italians treated us with utmost care and helped us every time when we needed. Each of them were extremely helpful and friendly. I got there many new friends and met new teachers who advised me to join their university in future for doing my Ph.D . Overall my experience in the University of Genoa is Great".

Mr. Risov Pal suggests students of Adamas University the following after his successful study tour to University of Genoa. "I was very lucky to have this opportunity to go to Italy. It is going to be a lifetime experience for me. So I suggest students of Adamas University that we study hard to be at that level to have this opportunity to visit a university like University of Genoa and learn from them".


Two students from the school of Management, Adamas University, Mr. Chandan Mitra and Mr. Prasenjit Das got the opportunity to visit Kyiv National Economic University in Ukraine from 23rd April till 30th April 2017 by the invitation of the later. They have returned to Adamas University with great joy and good reports. Their dreams have been fulfilled by this trip. Their parents were very happy for this trip. Here are a few words of Mr. Chandan Mitra about his visit.

"It was my 1st time in Europe, I was very excited about this study tour from the day of selection. Thanks to Adamas University for giving me such a great opportunity. I was very excited to be there in Kyiv National Economic University under the guidance of the professors and with the company of international students. We have attended the classes of Global finance, International Accounting, Organizational behaviour, Management of Consulting, Business Analytics, Cross cultural communication, Strategic change Management. Their system of study and the structure of classes are different from our Indian structure. The hospitality extended to us was heart touching".

Mr. Prasenjit Das says about hospitality and care of the host university in Ukraine this way:

"We had no regrets that we crossed such distance to have our classes, cause the Prof Evhenia and their other members took care of us, and if I say about their hospitality, it was overwhelming. From breakfast to dinner, and classroom to shopping mall, they helped us in every aspect".

Mr. Chandan Mitra suggest students of Adamas University the following after his successful study tour to Kyiv National Economic University.

"I would suggest my friends and juniors to utilize this kind of opportunity in future. This will not only improve their CV but also will increase their global exposure. Most of it when University is arranging everything for them they must try and go for it."


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