‘Adamas Human Resource Conclave’ was organized by Adamas University
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‘Adamas Human Resource Conclave’ was organized by Adamas University
Date : 13-05-2019

“While in an Organisation, human is to be considered as resource or not” - is a great area of debate in Human Resource fraternity across the globe.

On 3rd May 2019, at RAMADA Central , Gurgaon, an initiative by Adamas University, Kolkata, West Bengal, called, ‘Adamas Human Resource Conclave’ was organized. The event brought together, 45 eminent industry HR leaders to share their thoughts, ideas, expectations upon one agenda – ‘Mutual expectations of Corporate & Academia’.

The discussion was initiated by Professor Samit Roy- Honourable Chancellor, Adamas University & Chairman, RICE Group, he shared his journey and experience in creating this vast and dynamic knowledge city, which is the largest and most well regarded private University in Eastern India. Professor Ray’s journey from a single room tuition centre, for government service aspirants in Eastern India to building largest and best private University in Eastern India today, is commendable and noteworthy. He has been igniting the minds of young and energetic students and their parents, since the last 35 years, which led to the creation of this research led centre of learning, Adamas University.

At the end of an engaging and riveting panel discussion, the industry leaders highlighted the lack of adequate fitment of skilled personnel against resource requirements in the industry. They remarked that the youth of today needs to get well trained, possess an analytic mind and an open outlook towards the industry. The positive attitude and the quality of de-skill to re-skill, is the need of current era to match the mutual expectations of corporate career opportunities across the globe.

It was further established in the session, that the industries demand skills in newer areas, such as AI, Blockchain, problem solving, resources management and thus, nurturing next generation leaders, skilled in an interdisciplinary approach. Universities should collaborate with the industry to set up Centres of Excellence which can nurture innovation. The Indian Universities can give projects to students, to assess their learning at the beginning, not the end of the academic session and longer internships for durations up to 1 year, like Korean Universities. To achieve all this, the Universities should work with the government to bring about necessary legislative changes so that the Industry and Academia can work more closely.

List of eminent industry – click here ...

EMBO Short-Term Fellowship program
Date : 09-05-2019

Award of Highly Prestigious European Molecular Biology Organization Short-Term Fellowship:

I, Dr. Neloy Kumar Chakroborty, am employed as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology of Adamas University, since June 2017 (Employee ID: 55172). I received my doctoral degree from Freie Universität Berlin, Germany in Neurobiology in 2012. I continued my research in cognitive neuroscience during my postdoc and used different techniques and animal models to understand the behavioral, neural and molecular-genetic underpinnings of learning and memory processes in animals. My excitement about the domain of learning and memory is driven both by its utmost importance in the sustenance of daily life and by its intriguing complexity. I have worked as a post-doctoral research associate at National Brain Research Centre, Gurgaon and as a Visiting Scientist at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata from 2014 to 2017.

This year I have applied to the highly prestigious EMBO Short-Term Fellowship program and I am extremely glad to let you know that my application has been accepted. The award is financially sponsored by the General Programme of the European Molecular Biology Conference for the period of 90 days. I am planning to visit the laboratory, headed by Dr. Albrecht Haase at the University of Trento, Italy, to perform a research project (some details of the project are given below) during the tenure.

In this research project, we will perform the cutting edge fast two-photon microscopy in the brain of live honeybees to generate the world’s first 4D neuronal activity maps in an invertebrate model system. This will also be the world’s first brain map which will contain the morphological measures of neurons overlaid with their activity patterns, recorded at the highest spatial and temporal resolutions. It’s my deep pleasure and honour to work in Adamas University and represent the university on a world stage where state-of-the-art research is dominating the fate of mankind.

Title of the Submitted Project:
Deciphering the neuronal population code in a higher-order brain centre: a high-resolution imaging study in the honeybee olfactory system

Summary and biological significance of the proposed research:
The olfactory system of the honeybee is a goldmine for researchers to study information processing in the neural networks of the central nervous system. The proposed research project seeks to investigate the spatio-temporal coding mechanisms for odors in the principal neurons of the mushroom body (MB) neuropile (a higher-order brain centre), called Kenyon cells (KCs), utilizing the high spatial and temporal resolutions of the two-photon laser scanning microscope. No one previously has used fast two-photon microscopy to look into the odor coding mechanisms of the extensive network of KCs, which inevitably has left a void in our understanding of the network functioning of MB. In the laboratory of Dr. Albrecht Haase at the University of Trento, Italy, I want to use my expertise in functional imaging in the honeybee brain to establish a novel two-photon-based imaging assay for the KCs. We will record the odor- induced calcium activities of the surface and profound KCs for the first time to understand whether the ensemble of KCs form the spatial codes for odors and their mixtures, whether odors with different ecological significance are coded differently by the KCs, and whether there are odor-specific temporal coding patterns in the KCs. The results of this study will unveil the details of physiological processing of sensory information of the whole neural network of a higher-order brain centre and thus will contribute significantly to our understanding of the fundamental aspects of network functioning with the expectation to extract evolutionarily conserved principles of information coding of the brain.

Today friendly match held at AKC with all stars of ISL
Date : 27-04-2019
Today friendly match held at AKC with all stars of ISL, Mohunbagan, East Bengal, Mumbai FC, ATK etc.
Workshop on Statistical Methods and R programming for Students and Researchers ...
Date : 26-04-2019
The National Workshop on Statistical Methods and R programming for Students and Researchers intended to give rigorous training program on Statistics using R for B.Sc / M.Sc. Students / Ph.D scholars and faculty members who are extensively involved in interdisciplinary research activities. This program dealt with application of modern statistical tools and techniques using R to solve the problems arising from different areas of applied sciences.

The Programme was organised by Department of Mathematics, School of Science, Adamas University.
Industrial Visit to Hiranmayee Energy Ltd, Haldia
Date : 13-04-2019
The Department of Mechanical Engineering, SOET organised an one day industrial visit to Hiranmayee Energy Ltd. (formerly known as India Power Corporation Ltd), Haldia one of the leading power generation and utility companies in India, on 13th April 2019.

The visit conducted with the undergraduate students of 2nd year and 3rd year Mechanical Engineering inculcated a value-added learning method to broaden their outlook with exposure to different workforces from different sections of a Thermal Powerplant. The visit commenced with a technical session addressed by Mr. Amitava Patra (AVP, HEL) which provided an opportunity for the students to experience an interactive learning session on Thermal Power plant, outside the classroom environment. This was followed by a visit inside the Power plant where the students experienced hands on experience of overhauling a 150MW turbine and were provided in-depth knowledge about the various equipments like boilers, pumps, condenser, etc. The visit also created an awareness of industry practices and regulations amongst the students.
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